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Antonieta Villamil author of the book Arcana de Los Dominios Imaginantes

ANTONIETA VILLAMIL is an international award winning bilingual poet, writer, singer and editor with over 11 published books. She focuses her writing on the forgotten ones and honors them with a persistence that compels us to hear their voices. She directs the review and salon “Poesía Féstival” that brings poetry to the underserved community of native Spanish speakers in Los Angeles.

Villamil brings a cross-cultural experience. She presents poetry with a mixture of readings and brief stanzas in an eclectic style using voice and deep song of a multitude of cultures. She speaks poetry as if it were a musical score. The result is an alchemical mixture of rhythms and voices from India, the Middle East, Spain, to the Latino-African, and indigenous peoples of America.

The Cervantes Institute of New York and Literacy Now awarded her the “14 International Latino Book Award, Best Book of Poetry”, and she won the “International Poetry Award Gastón Baquero” in Spain. The documentary “Voices In Wartime”, features her next to Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman, among others. Her poetry appears alongside Amiri Baraka, Luis J. Rodriguez, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, among others, selected by Jack Hirschman for the anthology “Revolutionary Poets Brigade, Volume I”, edited and published by Mark Lipman. She has published in the anthologies "Wide Awake: Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond" edited by Susanne Lummis and published by Pacific Coast Poetry Series/Beyond Baroque Books, "Coiled Serpent" edited by Luis J. Rodriguez and published by Tia Chucha's Press, and "The Border Crossed Us" edited by Mark Lipman and published by Vagabond Books.

Poetry in Motion of The Poetry Society of America published her poem “Green Shoes / Zapatos Verdes” on poster and bookmark form. Antonieta Villamil is available for Spanish-English, bilingual book presentations, poetry festivals, poetry readings, book fairs, and literary performances. —Poets and Writers.

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