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About the book "Arcana de Los Dominios Imaginantes" written by Antonieta Villamil.

ARCANA DE LOS DOMINIOS IMAGINANTES by Antonieta Villamil is a personal anthology of poetry, poetic prose and poiesis (essays on poetry) of published material to celebrate 40 years of writing from 1972 to 2012.  Antonieta Villamil´s poetry is a report from the front-line of life, and a dispatch from the desk of the world. This edition is the complete final version of the original book, which launched Antonieta Villamil’s career as a poetic force to be reckoned with.

Antonieta Villamil gives voice to the heartbreaking effects of the perpetual civil wars that emerge in Central and South America. Presenting the generations of people that simply disappear in these wars, Villamil uses poetry to connect with the memory of her brother Pedro, who is a victim of disappearance. Antonieta Villamil reiterates the role of the poet in society: “to be the conscience of a community or a culture”.

Antonieta Villamil’s poetry is engaging from the first page. Its intensity and unique perspective establishes a dialog that connects the reader with poetry of the past. “The surprising originality of Villamil jumps off the page at first glance. We must welcome this young poet of extraordinary promise to the field of literature. Not only a promise: the poetry of Antonieta Villamil is already a mature contribution of the highest quality.” —Julian Palley, poet and essayist, UC Irvine and PEN West.


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